It's just a spark… But it's enough, to keep me going

hi, my name is Barbara boggiano. I'm 18 tears old. I live in viña del mar and I'm first year student at the Andres bello university
It's just a spark… But it's enough, to keep me going

The Flatmates episode 97

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9E “Writing an opinion”

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Barbara says:
  I think tecnology has a lot of good things like comunication,for example. And it has bad things like pollution, but nowadays everything causes pollution and we can use tecnology to try to fix it.


8E “Report on Communications Habits”

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I asked five of my classmates if they have Facebook and what do they use it for. Everybody said that they have an account, four people said they used it for communicatio, to talk with them friend, family and boyfriends or girlfriends. One person said that she use it to know about things related to the university like homework, tests and important dates. People said thet Facebook is very useful and they use almost everyday.

So Facebook is very popular almost everybody use it because the need of communication.


The Flatmates Episode 70

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7E Writting a letter of aplication

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11 norte #1052

Viña del mar,Chile.

Change Your Life TV

PO Box 2998

Bexhill, Surrey.


Dear Sir or Madam,

I’m writing in response to your advert in the Evening Times for participants in a TV reality show. You said you wanted a variety of people of different appearance, personality and background, I think I would be a good candidate for your programme.

I’m 18 years old and I’ve always lived in Chile with my family.  I’m tall and I’ve got brown straight hair. I like listening to music, singing and drawing. I’m a little shy at first, but I’m confident and talkative, I like meeting new people and having fun.

I don’t have work at the moment, so I’m available to participate in your programme.


I hope to hearing from you soon.


yours faithfully,

Barbara Boggiano.

6E Writing a letter to a friend.

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Dear Tom,

I’m fine, we’re all fine! the children too, but Betsy is ill. She has a bad cold. I spend  the last 3 nights taking care of her but now she is better.

That place sounds fantastic! you’re so lucky!. We had to wait until summer to go on vacation. we are thinking to rent a house near the beach  and stay there for about two or three weeks. The kids will love it!

We are still planing to visit you! We thought May is perfect for our visit. Maybe the first week of the month. If it is ok with you.

I told the kids about the dog and they want to know it!


All the best,



5E ‘The Day I lost…’

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I really don’t understand what happened. I tried to remember but I couldn’t. I really couldn’t believe that I lost  It if It was there two minutes before.

My language teacher had given us an uncommon activity. We had to take care of an egg like United State kids do it. He was trying to teach us about responsibility and we were supposed to take care of it like if it were our ‘son’.

I had put it in a box, and every night I left it next to my bed. The second day of this activity I woke up and got dressed but when I went to my bedroom for the box with the egg It wasn’t where I had left! It wasn’t anywhere! I was late, so I went to school without the egg.

When my teacher asked me I said to him ‘I lost It’ he didn’t tell me anything  but when I opened my backpack the box with the egg was inside It!.

Until today I can’t remember the moment when I put the egg in the backpack,

4E ‘Film Review’

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Juno is a dramatic comedy filmed in 2007 in The USA.  The movie is about Juno (Ellen Page) typical teenager of sixteen years old who discovers she is pregnant of his friends Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera).

At first Juno thought in abortion but then she decided to give the baby for adoption and search in the newspaper for a couple. This is how she met Mark (Jason Bateman) and Vanessa (Jennifer Garner) and prepared the adoption papers.

As time passes, Juno became friend of Mark and visited him a few times. In the last visit Mark confessed to her that he thought of leaving Vanessa.  Vanessa got home and started fighting with Mark in front of Juno because he said that he didn’t feel ready to be a father. Juno left the house but came back later and leaves a note for Vanessa.

The best moment in the movie is when Juno was about to give birth to the baby. Paulie went to the hospital to see Juno and they accepted that they were in love with each other. Vanessa went to the hospital too. She and Mark broke up but she continued with adoption alone.

At the end we see Juno riding to Paulie’s house where they start playing guitar and singing the song ‘Anyone else but you’ followed by a kiss.

3E ‘Curriculum Vitae’

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Personal Datails

Name: Barbara Boggiano

Adress: 11 norte #1052 Viña del Mar

Telephone: 9 – 6347016

Email: [email protected]

Personal Profile

I’m responsable, proactive and punctual.


2000-2012  Republica de Colombia School

Work Experience

Summer 2011 Sales assistant ‘Cochoa’ Beach



Drawing and singign.

Writing a complaint

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Restaurant Mc Donalds  service: Complaint

Name: Barbara Boggiano

Restaurant: (Viña del Mar)

Date: july 6th, 2013


I wish to make a complaint, last week I went to San Martin Mc Donalds and they take a lot of time to take my order. And they give me the food It was very cold and it wasn’t what I ordered! I spoke with the manager and he ignored me!

I want  my money back! It was a horrible service !

hope to hear from you soon.